Kathleen Chase
Sposato Realty Group



Looking for Tax Preparation in your area? 

Look no further!

I've been preparing taxes professionally since 2001 and specialize in personal & small business returns.

Taxes have been a passion of mine since the 7th grade. My Math Teacher, Mr. McCarthy, made our class fill out a Form 1040. In those days there were no computers in class, everything had to be done with pencil and paper. Everyone was stressed out about it and grumbling about having to do such a task. I looked up at my teacher and asked "they pay people to do this?" He said "yes they do." I replied "I'm going to do this when I get big!"
I was 12 years old!

I have been preparing returns for over 20+ years now and still have that passion.

I have enjoyed getting to know my clients and have even sold a few of their homes.

Real Estate and Taxes go hand in hand!